Military & Veterans

Commitment & Service

In 2020 Denver Elks #17 adopted
the 193rd National Guard Unit.
Our Veteran's Committee and Lodge is
committed to providing support to our soldiers
and their families' physical, emotional, and
mental health.

HHC 193rd MP BN Unit of the Colorado National Guard Introduction.


This Military Police unit delivered under the most extreme conditions this past year and continues to honor its commitment to keep our communities safe.  These soldiers were activated to the Coronavirus pandemic frontlines, screening and supporting our local, state, and federal partners to stop the spread of COVID-19. They assisted in Coronavirus testing administration, working with the state and US Army Corps of Engineers to convert the Colorado Convention Center in Denver and the Ranch Events Complex in Loveland into medical shelters.  They Supported the City and County of Denver to shelter people in Denver experiencing homelessness, responding to support local authorities to keep communities safe during civil unrest periods. The 193rd MP Unit assisted firefighters with the Cameron Peak fires. They were geared and ready to help state or local law enforcement with any election and related events. Most recently, 193rd unit members attended the Presidential Inaugural Ceremony in Washington DC. The Colorado National Guard 193rd MP BN are always prepared and willing to serve their community, State and Nation.


These exhausted Military families need your support. I do not know what the future holds; no one does, but it is vital right now to encourage our soldiers and their families' physical, emotional, and mental health. This unit has become a close-knit group that looks after each other and comes together when they need to.  We want to create the same bond with their families/friends and would like to take an opportunity to thank them for all their encouragement and support.


On May 22, 2021, the Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) and the Denver Elks #17 is hosting a "Thanks for having our backs" celebration honoring our outstanding Soldiers and those significant people in their lives that have always supported their military career.


We need your support to make this event an extraordinary occasion. By making a thoughtful financial donation to this event, you will highlight your commitment to supporting our military families and veterans. You will have the opportunity to attend this celebration, meet some of these soldiers and Thank them for all they have contributed to our State and our Community.


Amanda Ceja

SFRG Leader 193rd MP

Contribute to the Veterans Committee today!

Your donation will support the "Thanks For Having Our Back" event on May 22nd 2021 at our Lodge