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Vaccination Proof Now Required at Denver #17 Elks Lodge - Effective December 2, 2021

This policy is effective immediately and will remain in effect until further notice.

Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination status upon entry.

For the safety of our members and public health Denver #17 Lodge will require proof of vaccination to enter the lodge building.

Our Board of Directors, Trustees and House Committee appreciate your full cooperation as we navigate this uncertain time.

*Please note WiFi connectivity at the lodge may interfere with pulling up the MyColoradoApp therefore having a photo or card present may be easier.


2 doses of Moderna, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca


1 dose Johnson & Johnson

A full dose is defined as two weeks after the administration of vaccine dose is recorded.

Age Requirements: Ages 3-11 must be masked at all times and do not need to show proof of vaccination at this time. Ages 12 and above, must show your vaccine record and be fully vaccinated. 

If you are not vaccinated and 12 years old or over, we cannot safely allow you in our building during this difficult health crisis. 

The social atmosphere of our Lodge does not lend to mask adherence and therefore creates an unsafe environment.

How long will this policy be in place? Hopefully not long! We will re-evaluate after January 3rd and update all communications. Please consider this policy temporary for now, but safety is our prime objective and it is hard to say how long this will be necessary. We will continue to look to our local leaders and hospital metrics for guidance.

Do all people in the Lodge including members, guests, employees and others required to show vaccinations status? Yes

Who decided this policy for our Lodge? The Board of Directors and Trustees, members of the House Committee in coordination with bar, operations, P.E.R.s and event managers.

How will health and religious exemptions be handled? On a case by case basis, however, anyone unvaccinated is asked to not come to the Lodge at this time out of safety for everyone involved.

What influenced this policy and how is it enforced? The level of resources of our Lodge including staff and what we could logistically carry out and enforce.

But? If? What if? - yeah save it, tough times, tough decisions. We are doing the best we can.

Why is the Lodge implementing this policy?

  1. There is a public health crisis and emergency in Colorado.

  2. Over 100 lives of Coloradan's have been lost each week in the last few months.

  3. Our health care system is overrun with COVID patients.

  4. We highly regard and respect all first responders, service members and veterans. Many of these people are also healthcare professionals and work (or worked) in the medical field. We need to give them time to treat the current wave of patients and hope they are able to enjoy this holiday season safely with their families.

  5. The City of Denver has mandated a 'mask or vax' policy for public spaces. The mandate is complicated to interpret. How our Lodge falls under the public/private sphere is complex and difficult to navigate. As stated above, a social setting is a very hard to enforce masks in safely. Therefore, according to city guidelines just mandated, we are allowed to not require masks for teens and adults IF vaccination proof is shown and enforced to all customers, staff and persons in our building. Our Lodge is in the process of checking vaccination status in all of these instances.  View Public Health Order Here

Lastly, it is important to know that safety is our concern. This is not political as that is not allowed in Elks Lodges per our charter. We all want the pandemic to end and Denver #17 is ready to do our part. We thank you for cooperating.


Denver Elks #17

Board of Directors and Trustees