Become a Bartender! 

Ever want to try your hand behind the bar? This is your Lodge and you can help by becoming a volunteer bartender!

This is for members only and is a volunteer opportunity with tips ($).

What is required?

  • Must be a member in good standing at #17

  • Desire to help, meet other members, and be hospitable

  • Need to be able to stand for 2 or more hours

  • Responsible and of good character

  • Must be 21 years old

  • Need to take an online TIPs certification course​

cost ~$40, Lodge will reimburse your cost once you have certificate

What is NOT required

  • knowing how to mix drinks - we will train you!

  • experience as a bartender - always nice but not required!

  • regular hours behind the bar - just help and sign up when you can for events large or small

Unsure? check it out for a brief trial with supervision, it's fun and easy!

For more information, training or to set up a test run to see if you like it, contact our lead bartender Therese call 720-341-8198.