Naturally the ritual of initiation is the most important, as it is the most elaborate, of any Lodge ceremonial. It is designed to instruct and inspire the initiate; and in an appropriate setting, to secure his or her assumption of the solemn and binding obligation of membership. It is conducted throughout with dignity and decorum. It is wholly devoid of any feature which will embarrass or annoy the candidate, or subject him or her to ridicule or to any discomfort, physical or mental.


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Denver Elks Join Other Metro Area Elks to Raise Over $2,100 to Aid Homeless Veterans, September 2015
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Group:  Things to Do in Denver
Downtown Aquarium
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Amazing Elks Fact of the Day

Fact No. 18:   In October 1918, after WWI, Elks built a 700-bed Reconstruction Hospital on Parker Hill in Boston and gave it to the federal government.  This hospital was the forerunner of the VA Medical Centers that exist today.


Almost Amazing Fact of the Day

Fact No. 116:   The first successful self-propelled torpedo was tested by the Union army, but during the test, it went amok and sank a Union ship watching the exercise.